Connects any device Globe wide using
NB-IoT Technology

What is Conectino

Contectino is a all-in-one ready-to-use NB-IoT solution composed of energy-efficient Gateway, World Wide Data Network and easy-to-use Cloud platform.

NB-IoT Gateway

A Low cost narrowband IoT gateway already configured to work with Conectino’s Network

NB-IoT Network

Globe coverage for a very low cost, our network service is optimized for IoT data transmission.

IoT Cloud Platform

Easy-to-use Cloud platform prepared to manage and control your devices with no extra cost.

Advantages of using Conectino

Low cost

A Gateway thought to be low cost. Perfectly design for any project.

Ready to use

Ready to connect and use, minimizing prototyping time and task execution


You can connect any device, 8 different ways to connect peripherals.

Global coverage

Coverage worldwide, absolute control over your devices.

How does it work

Contectino is already prepared to connect any device through NB-IoT to our Network, making easy and less time consuming the process. Then all the data is received and processed for later use on our servers.


Conectino is ready to be purchased online. You will receive Conectino Gateway, a yearly subscription to Conectino Cloud Platform, and a Data Package Plan of your choice.


Conectino Gateway is already prepare to be connected Conectino NB-IoT Network, to make it easier this gateway comes with 8 ways to connect devices.


Manage and control your devices Globally with an easy-to-use IoT Cloud Platform with no extra costs.

Technical Specifications

Communications module with NB-IoT connectivity
Supply voltage
Multiple Interfaces


  • External Power Connector – The power supply must be between 3.6 V and 5.0 V.

  • Battery – It provide power if there is no external power. Any battery that has its voltage range between 3.6 and 4.2 may be used, although a lithium thionyl chloride battery is recommended due to its self-discharge low coefficient and high capacity.
  • Power Management – This block will control and manage the power of the different components and will allow switching between external and battery power.

  • Power Connectors for peripherals – These connectors allow peripherals to be supplied at a voltage of 3.3 V

  • MSP432P401 – This is the microcontroller that allows managing all peripherals and communications, as well as processing the information, if necessary.
  • BC68 – This is the NB-IoT Quectel module. It will simply provide connectivity.

  • Nano SIM socket – This is the socket for the nanoSIM card.

  • RF + Antenna Connector – The module can use its own antenna or an external antenna connected by SMA.


One platform to control and
manage all devices

Manage and control all devices from one place.

Geolocated data and devices

Data History

Integrate your solution with Conectino´s API

Send Data using other protocols like email, msm, http, etc

Connecting has never been easier

Conectino is the perfect solution for M2M and IoT projects.

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